We use information technology to help people improve our society.

Aponomy is a Swedish start-up launched 2017. Our ambition is to create applications that can help people make our society a little bit better. Our first product is The Bourne which we expect to reach the market in September 2018.

The Bourne is an app for finding the meaning of life, and for companies to create a long-term growth, in relation to the UN's sustainability goals.

Bourne means goal, or destination.

Our first product is the Bourne - a tool helping people find and understand their inner motives, overall objectives, and higher purpose, in relation to the rest of society and our shared global goals. In short, finding the meaning of life.

The Bourne is also a platform helping companies to integrate their sustainability efforts with a long-term business strategy, combining their own goals and visions with shared goals in our society.

Furthermore: it's an app reaching out and connecting the UN's 17 sustainability goals to individuals and companies.


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From the Greek words απουσία apousía which means "absence", and nomia from νόμος nomos, "law" or "culture".

– the culture of absence, how nothing becomes something.