You need purpose.

Purpose needs you.

– It's a perfect match!

The Bourne is a platform where individuals and companies can work on purpose.

The Bourne® helps you find and communicate your purpose.

Find your company's purpose

Define corporate values, identity and narratives, and build your company's purpose.

Visualise your sustainability work

Visualise your purpose and sustainability work in ways easy to understand, both internally and externally.

Create new value

Attract talent and create new value for your employees, partners and customers.

The Bourne® is a platform for finding purpose in your life.

Create your own life-map

Create a unique game-world based on your real life. Look at your life from new perspectives. How does all the parts in your life connect?

Play the game of your life

Find a deeper meaning by playing a game in a world based on your life. Solve mysteries, protect it from danger and find your Bourne.

Make your purpose grow

Place your Bourne in our society, connect with companies and organisations sharing your values and start working towards shared goals.

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What is the Bourne?
The Bourne® is a platform for shared goals in our society.

Based on a patent-pending method

The method shows how individuals and organizations can work togehter towards shared goals.

Targeting United Nation's Global Goals

The Bourne focus specifically on the goals in the United Nations Arena 2030 program.

Expanding Platform

Future applications will cover a range of aspects on the interaction between individuals and our society.

With trusted companies

We develop The Bourne together with some of the finest companies and organisations we know.

Kalmar Energi
Kalmar Science Park

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