What is the Bourne?

The Bourne® is a platform for shared goals in our society.
The problem

We all need purpose

People need meaning in their lives, companies need purpose, and society needs new narratives. These are all linked to each other.

credits: Stijn te Strake

People need meaning in their lives

Many people don’t know where they are heading, or if there is anything to strive for. Others can find it difficult to compile all ambitions and identify their underlying driving forces.

This leads to all sorts of problems. Many slip around without a clear direction in life, and others work too much without knowing where they are heading. This can lead to burnouts and disillusionment, often at a great cost for both the individual and for the society. In addition, many resources that could have contributed building a better society are lost.

Basically, our need to understand our own meaning in a broader context - to find purpose in life - is a deep human need.

Companies need purpose

Today people look for companies not only making money for their owners but also care about the earth and our society. Companies with a purpose.

Companies face demands from Customers, Employees, Talent, Partners, and from laws and regulations in our society.

It's difficult to define purpose. It's even harder to live up to it, communicate it and make everyone believe in it.

It will be increasingly expensive for companies to:

  • Have a brand without a purpose
  • Make bad recruitments, or have uninspired employees
  • Miss business opportunities
  • Not knowing sustainability risks or current regulations

Society needs new narratives

When leaving ideologies and religions behind us we have come into a value-vacuum in our western-world culture, without a common narrative. Instead, we have turned to the market - where everything comes down to taste preferences, and social values are considered to be something private.

But the market-based society can’t create the meaning or the shared goals we need as individuals to survive in the long run. We devote ourselves to distractions and the illusion that we can be happy and deeply satisfied isolated from the rest of the society based on consumption and lifestyle only.

Society needs people and companies with purpose, who think and act consciously and long-term.

And we need to tell ourselves new stories.

Our Solution

The Bourne® is a platform where we can work on purpose.

The word Bourne means Purpose, Goal or Destination. The Bourne help individuals and companies find purpose and work towards shared goals. It's a platform where we can communicate our goals and help each other build value.

We are all connected

The Bourne is based on a patent-pending method describing how people and companies can work towards shared goals in our society.

Our society has formulated what is most important right now to eliminate poverty, protect the planet and make sure that all people can live in peace and prosperity. This has been given form in the UN's 17 sustainability goals.

The Bourne takes these goals and uses them as an engine of change for people and companies to find purpose, and start working towards shared goals.

In that way, we can add some speed to the spinning wheel:

  • Society gives meaning
    Society gives the incentive to make the world a better place
  • People give power
    People's choices and their buying power direct companies, so
  • Companies give support
    Companies can impart their support to our society

The Bourne helps people and companies understand how we all are part of our society, and how our individual purposes shape our common future.

United Nations 17 Goals in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

What are our lives made of?

The problem with purpose and meaning often comes from not knowing what the question really is about. What is meaning? What is purpose?

The Bourne lets you explore the question and your own life using a unique three-step method based on scientific principles. Once you understand your own life better, it's easier to find both personal goals and shared goals - your purpose.

The Bourne lets you:

  • Create your own life-map
    A unique game-world based on your real life
  • Play the game of your life
    A game where you can develop a deeper understanding of the relation between your own driving forces and shared goals in our society.
  • Use your purpose
    Connect with companies, organizations and other players sharing your values.

The Bourne for Individuals

Organizations can use individuals existential power to grow

Companies can work on purpose by inviting their employees into a game. When playing the game, the employees can explore how their own life goals connect to the company’s goals.

When the company has defined its purpose, The Bourne then helps to communicate it.

Customers, employees, talent, and partners can discover they can contribute to making the world a better place, not only by their individual actions towards global goals, but by their commitment to a company sharing their values, and whose actions can contribute on a broader scale. Once they discover that, the company will get access to the raw power coming from individuals existential driving forces.

That's brand loyalty on a higher level.

The Bourne for Companies

New stories about our society

Our lives don't only get meaningful once we get rich or become famous. Chances are we won't really fulfill ourselves with whatever we long for. That doesn't mean we're just empty voids or that our lives are at a standstill.

In fact, quite the opposite, we are capable of changing both ourselves and our society, and start telling ourselves new stories about who we are, where we are heading, and what has value. We discover things. We invent. We can shape our destiny, and we should now tell ourselves a new story - that we work on purpose.

The Bourne can help us:

  • Get new perspectives
    on ourselves and our society
  • Find purpose
    using scientific principles
  • Take initiative
    Understand purpose is not something just given to us

It's a beginning

Purpose does not only challenge us to create sustainable systems. We can do a lot more, for ourselves as individuals, and for our society when individuals, companies, and organizations work together.

The next step is to create Resilient Systems, able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions, and eventually Flourishing Systems, able to develop rapidly and successfully using their full potential.

The Bourne is an expanding platform exploring the relationship between individuals and our society. We are starting with Sustainable Systems and will develop The Bourne for Resilient and Flourishing Systems down the road. Third-party applications will be invited and integrated into the Bourne soon (send us a note if you're interested).

We are taking one step at a time, and we hope you will join our mission towards a society working on purpose.

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